Other Services

Third Cent offers a number of other small services. Below are just a few of those offered.

Web Development & Design

Third Cent works to create small business and personal web sites. Solutions and prices are tailored to the individual's needs. Third Cent can set up static informational web sites, shopping and store sites, and everything in-between.

Web Update & Improvement

Aside from making original web sites, Third Cent can also take an existing web site and update it's content, layout, or a combination thereof. We will also help add new functionality or move a site between hosts.

Online Entertainment & Services

Third Cent creates and updates a small number of web entertainment and services web sites. Just two examples are Nickaro, a forum for a number of fan and original sites, and What is That In Apple Pies?, a humor/parody site about the recent financial troubles of America.

Photo Touch-up & Manipulation

Third Cent offers back photo restoration and manipulation services, such healing the wear of time on old images, restoring faded or over-developed images, and even basic removal of the infamous red eye.